Band of Toughs

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Nirvamlet Team

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Archie Archuleta


is excited to be doing his first show with the Band of Toughs. He feels extremely fortunate to be a part of this production and he only asks that everybody keeps rocking on!


liz kirchmeier


this is Liz's second time around playing Ophelia with The Band of Toughs for Nirvamlet. She is incredibly whelmed to be working with such an excellent group of theatre-makers.


Kate Moore


is a theater & performing artist, deviser, & creator. She is an associate company member of Band of Toughs, a founding member of TGPPC, and the founder of Vitali-D Project,  a theatrical performance and workshop series used to create space for dialogue around mental illness.  


Kristin Marie Stelter

She/her/hers They/them/theirs

Kristin holds an MFA from Naropa University. They have been involved in theatre making since middle school, & are grateful for the opportunity to be a collaborator with BoTs on this project.

Detective Fortinbras

Detective Fortinbras

James Brunt


is a associate member of the Band of Toughs, a Denver born theater artist, slam poet, and maker of random raps. He has been in plays from Mosque with The Black Actors Guild to Aggregate Immaterialty with Control Group Productions.

Vinyl Digger, Band

Janet mylott


is happy every time she gets to play with the BoTs wherever they may be, Elsinore or the shed next door. She is so grateful for all the digging everyone did to make Nirvamlet happen.



Ben Waugh


an associate Band of Toughs member, and frequent collaborator with Control Group Productions, as well as founding member of The Great Perhaps Performance Collective (TGPPC). He is a performer, installation artist, & circus mover!


Jeremy Carr


has been in the Colorado theatre scene for about a year and is still not sure what is going on. Fun facts: recently turned one year old in Starbucks years, can clap with one hand, graduated from Grand Canyon University. 


K. Woodzick


is an actor, writer, director and fierce advocate for gender inclusive casting practices. They are the founder of The Non-Binary Monologues Project and a PhD student in Theatre and Performance Studies at CU Boulder.

Vinyl Digger

Joan Bruemmer-Holden


a founding member of the Band of Toughs. She is a member of The Catamounts theater company. She received her MFA from Naropa University & her BFA from NYU. She lives in Longmont with her husband, her dog, 2 cats and 4 chickens

Ghost Kurt

Michael Gunst


is a associate member of the Band of Toughs. Yeah!

Vinyl Digger

David Ortolano

fluid pronouns

is a painter trapped in a theater world, a musician disabled by drama and a poet without language. After spending a lifetime gathering and hunting, he expects to die with three shoes on his feet, and, to put it bluntly, he’s a monkey disguised as a turtle without the shell.

Vinyl Digger, R&G Swing

Monica Dionysiou


60% water, 5% organic matter, 35% creative energy. She is a maker of theater, a consumer of art and a #vanlife traveler. and associate member BoTs

Visit to learn more.

Laertes, Vinyl Digger

Victor Longman


plays one of the record store posse and is the understudy to Laertes.


David Saphier


is a associate member of the Band of Toughs, and is also a teaching artist and in-school programs manager for the Denver Center for Performing Arts-Education team.


Jeff Goldberg


is a member of the Band of Toughs &a visual artist, sculptor, set designer &property designer. He studied lutherie, jewelry making, & mortuary science in his spare time. Jefe leaves a scorched trail on any dance floor & is dreaming on the BoTs next pop-culture inspired musical.


Colleen Mylott


is a director, choreographer, performer &theatre teacher. She trained & worked professionally with members of the Tectonic Theater Project. Her current creative obsessions are unleashing the power of large ensembles, & creating immersive work that holds a narrative.

Band, Lead Singer and guitar

Michael Strzepek


Michael loves playing with the BoTs, and is always thankful for a chance to act like a rock star!

Band, Bass

Aaron Bustamante


is a life-long musician who began playing the Bass at age 9.  Many years later, playing music with his friends is still a favorite pastime.

Band, Drums

Robert Smith


Diversity is essential to artistic maturity. Music Theater challenges sensibility to paint a masterpiece with the fewest brush strokes.

Band, Bass

j.l. Forrest


When J.L. Forrest isn’t writing science fiction at, he’s playing the guitar. When he’s not playing guitar, well, he’s playing bass here, for you all.